I wanted to create a page of success stories as I believe we all need some encouragement, and there's nobody who can encourage us more than our fellow warriors who are fighting our same battles. They are the ones who know how hard and consuming this battle is and how important are even the smallest victories. 

This page will be created with your help. I would like to feature your success stories which could inspire others and help them see what can be achieved despite Emetophobia. You would not only be helping others, but you would be acknowledging your own successes and allowing us to celebrate them with you. 


These stories don't need to be stories of big achievements or full recoveries, even though these are more than welcome, but they can also be little achievements, little victories which have taken you one step closer to your recovery. I would love to hear stories of people who have fully recovered and are leading healthy and fear free lives, but I would also love to hear stories of people who are still deeply affected by Emetophobia but who managed, despite the fear, to challenge themselves by doing something new, expanding their comfort zone and winning a little battle. It can be a new food you managed to introduce, an outing you managed to attend or a sickness you coped with better the you thought you would.


I am aware that sharing our stories is not easy, but it's also very important for us to acknowledge our own victories, as we tend to focus mainly on our failures. I'd like this page to inspire you to think of your own successes and maybe to find the strength to share them with us, even anonymously. 


All you need to do is send me a message with your achievements and the title "Success story". If you wish for your story to remain anonymous you can leave only your initials or even a fake name, which is a great opportunity to give yourself a really cool name you always liked!


And remember, any victory, as small as it can be, is taking you one step closer to winning the war against Emetophobia!

I look forward to hearing from you; to reading, sharing and celebrating your victories with you!!! 

because every victory, big or small, is taking you one step closer to your recovery

Success stories