Here below you can find a list of literature and resources on the topic of Emetophobia and other conditions correlated with it. As you might be aware, there are not many resources out there on this topic, therefore I did my best to include the ones I found and which I thought could be of good use to sufferers or family members. In case you are aware of other interesting resources, please feel free to contact me and I'll be very happy to add them to the list. The list will be updated regularly with new and hopefully useful resources. 

List of resources on Emetophobia and correlated conditions














General articles:

  • "Overcoming Emetophobia, a.k.a. The Fear of Throwing Up" by Tamar Chancy, Ph.D

  • "Fear of Vomiting - Shame and secrecy complicate a phobia common in children" by Deanna Cioppa


  • "Exposure Therapy Rescues Woman From Vomit Phobia" by Nancy Lebrun

  • "Treatment for Specific Phobia of Vomiting (or Emetophobia)" by Lori Riddle-Walker, EdD, MFT

  • "Emetophobia Is Rare But Also Treatable (Pt.1 and Pt. 2)" by Kay Marcotte


Scientific articles:


  • The Psychopathology of Vomit Phobia" by Prof. David Veale and Christina Lambrou

  • "Cognitive behaviour therapy for a specific phobia of vomiting" by  Prof. David Veale

  • "Reconceptualizing emetophobia: A cognitive–behavioral formulation and research agenda" by Mark J.Boschen

  • "Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Emetophobia: The Role of Interoceptive Exposure" by Paulette V. Huntera and Martin M.Antony

  • "Emetophobia: A fear of vomiting" by Abhijeet D. Faye, Sushil Gawande, Rahul Tadke, Vivek C. Kirpekar, and  Sudhir H. Bhave

  • "Exposure therapy for emetophobia: A case study with three-year follow-up" by Danielle J. Mack, Brett J. Deacon and Mimi Zhao

  • "Cognitive behaviour therapy for specific phobia of vomiting (Emetophobia): A pilot randomized controlled trial" by Lori Riddle-Walker, David Veale, Cynthia Chapman, Frank Ogle, Donna Rosko, Sadia Najmi, Lana M. Walker, Pete Maceachern and  Thomas Hicks

  • "Emetophobia: Facing the Fear of Vomit" by A Millen, M.S. & B Bergstrom, Psy.D.

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