Emetophobia friendly services

Living with Emetophobia can be very difficult as the fear often stops us from living and functioning as most people do. We tend to overthink and overanalyse things and often come up with all the worse case scenarios which most of the time increases our anxiety and stops us from doing a lot of the things we would usually do if it wasn't for the crippling fear that paralyses us. It might be a fear of feeling sick, of meeting people who might be sick or simply being in situations where we think we might not be able to cope. This fear often stops us from doing things we used to enjoy and other that were simply necessary.


Going to the dentist is probably one of the best examples as I am quite aware a lot of Emetophobes dread these appointments as the whole story of having someone doing things in your mouth just doesn't sit well with us, whether because of a fear of germs, or the fact that it might stimulate a gaga reflex, so often one might avoid going to the dentist even when in need. We might avoid any appointments where we feel stuck like a hairdresser, a physiotherapist or any other medical appointment. The feeling of being stuck in a situation without a way out can make us panic and fear the worse, like feeling sick in front of people or having a panic attack which might go on forever and eventually make us vomit.

I thought of creating a list of Emetophobia friendly services which could help Emetophobes to start attending appointments which they usually tend to avoid, especially the medical ones. 

What is an Emetophobia friendly service or how does a service become Emetophobia friendly? 

These would be services which are familiar with the fear of vomiting or with the concept of panic attacks as often it's the panic that triggers our anxiety and increases our fear in a certain situation.


For examples my dentist back home was aware of my fears as I explained them to her so she became more attentive to my specific needs and would ease my tension by explaining what was following and how long it might last. She would also check from time to time whether I was ok and whether I needed a moment to breath. This is just an example of how a service became an Emetophobia friendly service simply by me explaining my fears and making them aware of the possibility of me getting panicky. 

I live in Malta currently, but you might be living at the other side of the world therefore the services I provide might be relevant to people living in my vicinity but will be of no use to you. Therefore I would need your help to create this network of Emetophobia friendly services.


If you know services or medical professionals who are aware of this condition I would appreciate if you could send me their name and contact details in order to expand this network as much as possible. Most of us will know of such services as we might have been the ones to introduce them to this specific fear. This may include medical staff like family doctors, gynaecologists, dentists, physiotherapists and other medical staff or other services as hairdressers, beauticians, nail technicians and any other services that require from us to sit and wait for the appointment to be over, which could often be difficult for us as it gives us plenty of time to overthink and panic. 

I will be organising the services under their location so that it becomes easy to find them based on the country and city they are in.

Just knowing that the service you're using is aware of your needs can ease your tension and help you to go through the appointment proving to yourself that it wasn't as difficult as you have imagined it and making it easier for you to attend next time.




This is how I thought of creating a list of services which cater for Emetophobes, which is simpler than it sounds like. These services need to be simply aware of this fear and be  willing to give some extra attention and patience during the appointment. For example I had a dentist in Croatia who was aware of my problem and would guide me through the whole appointment buy telling what she's going to do, how long it might take and often just asking me whether I needed a moment to breath and whether I was doing ok. For most of my life I always went back to her as simply knowing she was aware of my problem and was willing to 

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