My story

(and why I created this space)

I am Jelena and I was born and raised in beautiful Croatia. As I did all my schooling in Italian ever since kindergarten, I ended up studying and living in Italy for many years. Italy was the place where I spread my wings, discovered my adult self, created friendships that would last a lifetime and eventually met the man I was meant to marry. It was the usual story, girl meets boy, boy steals her heart and she decides she'll follow him to the end of the word and eventually ends up living on a little island in the Mediterranean called Malta. The place I learnt to call home. Even though I still find ironic the fact that I live on an island while being terrified of flying. The things ones does for love...

Despite the fact that I have a degree in psychology and I am obviously passionate about this field, my greatest passion in life is art and today my job is being the proud owner of an online shop called Paint my Dream. I create all sorts of decorations with clay and paint, and I consider myself being amongst the few lucky ones that not only don't hate Mondays, but also don't mind working 7 days per week. Art, besides becoming my full time job, plays also a big role in my fight with Emetophobia. It helps me to relax, to focus on the present moment and to distract myself from the overbearing thoughts that most of the time weigh on my mind. Art is my job but also my shelter, a place where I can create the world as I imagine it. 


I have decided to create this website as I have been, and still am, deeply affected by Emetophobia. Even though I struggled with it for the best part of my life only, in the recent years I actually discovered this condition and found out what I was actually suffering from, to the contrary of the myriad of misleading diagnoses I was assigned since my teenage years. Despite my background in psychology, a countless number of therapies and therapists, despite me being an avid reader and relentless researcher only a couple of years ago did I read for the first time the name Emetophobia and I finally realised I was not the world's odd one out. I figured if this condition had a name, it had a set to symptoms which I unfortunately knew all too well, then there had to be a known treatment for it. As any other thing related to this condition, finding the right treatment proved to be very challenging as it wasn't available locally, or even in a close proximity. However, finally, after being treated for things I didn't suffer from for most of my life, at the moment I am being treated for the one condition I am afflicted by and I can finally say I'm on my way to recovery.  


All this has prompted me to create a website which is meant to be a collection of useful information for other people who might be fighting the same battles and their loved ones, besides being an inspirational space where I'll be sharing my own journey and all the little and big things that have helped me along the way. I always felt I needed to find a purpose to this never-ending battle of mine because then maybe I could find some peace and accept life as it is. If my experience with this heavy life companion could be useful to even one person then maybe it would all have been worthwhile.

My life is still extremely hard because of this condition so I am not here to teach you anything; I'm simply here to share the information I wish I had a long time ago and to share the ups and downs of my own rocky path. I will be sharing my own journey with Emetophobia in the Blog section. My only hope for this website is to give a little light to the darkness that Emetophobia can bring to one's life. 

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Emetophob;a no more

Living life despite the fear

"You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward...just take the next step."


Welcome to EmetophobiaNoMore!

This space is meant to give you a variety of information about Emetophobia, or SPOV (Specific Fear Of Vomiting), and also a peek into my own journey alongside this uncomfortable travel companion.


As a person who struggled with this condition for the best part of my life, I've spent most of this time being completely lost as there were so few resources that could have help me understand this under-researched and so rarely mentioned condition that can actually be truly detrimental to one's life if not treated properly. I will also be writing about anxiety, depression and panic attacks, which seem to be part of the package deal that comes with Emetophobia. 


If you are the one who's affected by this condition or you're a caring partner, friend or family member who's trying to help your loved one, you are already aware that this condition is very difficult to live with, and can sometimes be nearly unbearable. Therefore, besides talking about Emetophobia I'll be also sharing a lot of different and fun ways that have helped me reduce my anxiety, fear and stress levels. In my blog I'll be writing about the ways that art, music, meditation, pets and even cooking have been helpful in my journey.


My only scope is to share with you all the information I wish I had available a long time ago when I was feeling lost and plainly weird. Most of all, I want to make you feel that you're not alone, and that there is hope!  ​


"Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can"

"It's ok if all you did today was survive"

"Feelings are NOT facts!"

"What consumes your mind controls your life"


Finding the right treatment for Emetophobia can be a true challenge. In the country where I live there were no professionals who had any experience in this field and actually the great majority of them never heard of it in the first place which was one of the causes of the number of misdiagnosis I've been assigned in all these years. However it's important for you to know that if you do think you're suffering from Emetophobia, or a loved one of yours might be, then do know that there are people who are specialised in this area, who have been researching it for years, who have met other people with the same problem and have helped a great number of them. Such professionals might not be available in your country, which shouldn't be a reason to lose hope. Thanks to technology today there are different ways of getting help, even from the comfort of your own home. There are therapists who are experienced in this area and who offer sessions via Skype on a regular basis, some of them actually specialising exclusively in online therapy.
To be perfectly honest I was the first one to be sceptical about online therapies after going through more than a decade of traditional face to face therapies. However after realising that my condition needed the attention of a specialised professional I decided to try it. Travelling was not an option for me at the time so the online approach was the only viable alternative. I was practically sure it wouldn't have worked but I couldn't have been more wrong. I was afraid the lack of the physical presence would have made the therapy somehow cold and distant making it impossible to relax, open up and therefore inevitably being an unsuccessful therapy. I quickly understood the warmth and the comfort of the therapy depends on the therapists and the feeling you have with them. I do believe not all therapists work for everybody. There must be a certain affinity, a good match. I was lucky enough that I clicked instantly with my therapist even tough she was across the continent. She made me feel comfortable, she was engaged at all times, she never looked around and always faced the camera, which quickly made me forget there was a camera in the first place. She has not only been incredibly present and involved during the sessions but has always followed up with summaries and helpful tips to get me through the tasks that were set during the sessions. I went from being the biggest sceptic to the biggest believer that online therapy is the most incredible gift for people who cannot find suitable help in their own vicinity. 
Doing online therapy allows you to access it from the comfort of your own home, which, to many Emetophobes, could be an incredible help considering they might be very uncomfortable going out or travelling long distances. More importantly, as per my research, professional help for Emetophobia is not available in many countries therefore it might be likely that for many of you there will be no trained professionals available in your city or even in your country. Therefore the online therapy is a great option for Emetophobes around the world. If you do happen to find a local therapist experienced in this field then it is definitely worth contacting them first. However just knowing that there is help available, as easy as a click away, is of incredible value. If you struggle with this difficult life companion and you haven't yet reached out for help I would strongly advise you to get some help from trained professionals as this is a very specific condition and therefore it requires a specific approach and treatment.
To access a list of professionals specialised in Emetophobia please click on the button below!  And remember, it's not your fault you suffer from Emetophobia, but it is still your responsibility to find a way out of it. Nobody can do that for you but you. So first of all find the will to get better and once you find it reaching out for help will come naturally! 

All the material on this website is provided for your information only and should not be used as medical advice or instruction. The purpose of this website is to promote knowledge, understanding and awareness about Emetophobia. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you think you might be suffering from this condition it is highly advised to seek professional medical assistance. 

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